Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friends forever?

Last weekend, CJ, Keif and I loaded up and headed over to our friend Allison and Mick's for dinner, and to have our babies reunite and have some good times together. Two year old Jackson is one of the sweetest boys on the planet, and so darn polite, and Keif and her future prom date Christian, well, they had a ball hamming it up together. They have both discovered the power of screaming, and they both love to eat. Dinner time was a hoot, between the screaming K and their eating frenzy, and Jackson's monologue in my right ear, describing all the fun toys he has (including the always hip Lightening McQueen).

What a treat to see how big and fast our babies are getting, and to see how awesome they can be at age 2. And on top of it, Allison is a fantastic friend and whipped up an amazing dinner (easy! :)). What fun we'll have this summer when mommy is home from work and can bring K on all kinds of fun play dates.
I have a ton of adorable pictures, but I didn't want to go hog wild. If you'd like to see more, let me know via email, but otherwise, here's a glimpse of how much fun we had! Enjoy.


Emilie said...

Oh my goodness, Jackson is a cutie! It's nice to read an update about Allison and the newest baby, too. (Hi Allison, if you're reading!)

kristine said...

Very cute! They look like they would have been a riot to watch.

Ahuva Batya said...

What a bundle (or two) of love! These pictures really made me smile!


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