Sunday, June 15, 2008

The "no daycare" blues

I honestly never in my life thought I'd write this (or say it out loud) but, man oh man, I wish K was in daycare more this summer *gasp*. And no, not for my selfish reasons of wanting to have mom time to myself. Our girl was home all week with me, on my first week back into the summer relaxation mode. Unfortunately, nobody is able to explain "why" to Keifer, "why" she isn't able to see her beloved Elaine and her friends whom she loves so, each and every day of the week.

At first, I chalked up her whiny, clingy, little ornery attitude on teething. But after a few days, and many attempts at activities and play things that I thought she would enjoy, I realized my girl was missing her friends. She was most likely wondering "where is my beloved Ava and Matty?". *sigh*. It truly was apparent to me when we went to Elaine's on Tuesday evening for an "Ice Cream Social". K lit up like a light bulb when we got out of our car and saw her friends all waiting for her on the grass, calling out "Keifer's here, Keifer's here!". She was beaming, and couldn't wait to say "hi" to each and every one of them.

On Wednesday afternoon, as I laid on the couch and listened to my girl fight her nap and whine and moan with nothing that would make her feel better, Elaine called: she was able to take K starting the next day, instead of waiting another full week to start her one-day-a-week appearance. I jumped at the chance, and Keifer came home that night a recharged and whole new little woman. She was clearly happy as a clam to be back in "kiddie land", and although last year, I literally threw up in my mouth having to bring her to daycare, I now am happy she gets to go. I have seen how my girl loves and thrives on the social aspect of it, and although this summer, I'm attempting to bring her to activities involving other kids, and setting up play dates, there is no one that will compare to HER, to her best buddies and pals at Elaine's house. And for that, we are all blessed.


Michele (Moosh) said...


I miss her so! You too! We must get together soon!

kristine said...

Kinda funny how that works. Good thing you are able to get her in one day/week. That's awesome!

Marketing Mama said...

Oh how sweet - of course she misses her friends! I remember being a little sad the first Saturday Alex asked if he could go to Marcia's house that day - but I also considered it a big plus that he loves it so much there...


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