Monday, May 12, 2008

Meeting with my doctor tomorrow

I realized I forgot to update you all on my last ultrasound on Friday. I had been told by the nurse to take my Estrogen (Estrace) 3 x a day versus the 2x a day I had been taking it. On Friday, my lining was right at an "8", where it should be, so we now know how to proceed in the estrogen department once the "real deal" occurs. Now, they added in some progesterone (provera) to my meds protocol, along with the estrogen, and I'll stop taking them both on Sunday, the 18th. When my AF arrives, I'm to call the office, and we find out where we are on the Anonymous Egg Donor waiting list (*gasp* my heart, it's speeding up as I even type this), and go from there with our medicine protocols. We are hoping to be matched, and then do our first (and hopefully, ONLY) attempt towards the end of summer, which we would ideally like to do. Last time, we lucked out so wonderfully by getting PG with K in July and having her in April. As a teacher, that would be IDEAL if I were lucky and blessed enough to get PG again on our first try *heartbeat fluttering again, and yes, nerves have kicked in, believe it or not*.

However, I am fearing some negative news about my body (ahh, my body, will you ever cooperate with me?), as my RE requested a meeting with me after my blood tests from last Monday came back. Obviously if the news were good, they wouldn't charge us a bloody fortune to meet with him, only to tell us the results were good, now would they? So, in my heart, I'm dreading that I may have something related to diabetes, or something wrong with some hormone or something in my own body. Hopefully, we can fix whatever that is, so I've requested that CJ come along with me to my meeting, as I tend to get emotional on the way home AFTER meetings such as there.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I am dreading this for no reason. I just don't want to hear any more "bad" news this week!


Piccinigirl said...

oh sweetie, I will pray, but I am sure there is nothing wrong. Whatever it is , you'll be fine and deal with it. However, I know you must be anxious about it (who wouldn't be???) just take a nice deep breath.

as for the next cycle, I am getting excited and nervous for you too, so much to think about, worry about, anticipate. I am just hoping that this next journey is just as happy as the last one was.
I can't wait to share another BFP with you.

kristine said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts!


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