Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Sassy Girl(s)

Our Keifer girl is honestly turning into SUCH a little ham! This is what she'll do: crawl around with a bird (or other toy) in her mouth, laugh, and shake her head like a dog. Where does she get this? LOL
Attempting to give Treble his bone!
and trying to give him yet another bone!
Our girl learned (all on her own!) how to feed the fur kids HER treats! Oh boy, here we go!

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Marketing Mama said...

Adorable. Love the video. Now you have to watch out and make sure she doesn't feed her meals to the dogs, too! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

kristine said...

Well, with 2 siblings that are dogs - could you expect anything less?? LOL!!

Michele (Moosh) said...

She is sooo cute!!!

Did you notice my pics of Alex crawling around with stuff in his mouth, too? ALWAYS. LOL!

Love you!

Queen Bee said...

I love the pic with the toy in her mouth! What a little honey pie! :) Cam and Coop send lots of kisses to Keifer!


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