Monday, May 05, 2008

Mock Cycle update: Lining check

I had my lining check this AM and did the fasting blood draw. I didn't get any info other than my lining needs to be thicker than it is, so I'm to up my estrogen intake from 2x a day to 3x a day and I'll go back Friday AM to have another ultrasound. I also had my blood drawn and about 5 vials of blood taken after not eating since last night. Then, I went to work, had my breakfast and had another blood draw 2 hours later. We shall see what comes of this.......I just have to remember to think "fluffy white clouds" inside my uterus.


Summer said...

No one should have to go through so many blood draws and so much blood drawn in one day!

Hope the upping of the estrogen does the trick for you!

MIP said...

Thinking good thoughts for you:)


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