Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A year and a month: 13 months old

Blame mama for slacking. Our angel girl turned 13 months this past Saturday, and I neglected to do an update and picture post. It was amazing to us that the month between her first birthday and yet another month older went by so damn fast. I know I keep saying that every month, but it's true. It is a whirlwind of a life these days, and it makes me sad that she is getting so big. On the other hand, she is turning into quite the performer and its incredible and delightful to watch her grow and transform into this little "person". "They" (whoever they is) say that a child's personality is determined by age 2: if this is true, then we are going to have a load of fun with our angel girl. She is a ham! She's also shy initially with people she doesn't know or doesn't remember, but wait about 20 minutes , and the dinosaur comes out!

K's favorite thing to do lately is just act silly. She'll dance in place no matter where. we. are. She does this cute little shake of her shoulders and looks at us as if to say, "see, I'm dancing!". Of course, I tell her, "oh, you're dancing? " to which she'll shake her little shoulders even more wildly, and occasionally add in her head shake, too.

She crawls around often with her toys in her mouth, and last night, it was her socks. She immediately pulled her socks off when we got home from Elaine's and had completed our nightly fur kids walk. Then, making sure I saw her, she put one sock in her mouth and crawled around the living room like a crazy girl, the other sock in her hand. What a goof. Also, K wants to be right under our noses and toes. Cooking has become an adventure, as she likes to pull herself up on the drawers and keeping her away from the stove is our number one priority. K knows exactly which cupboards hold what, and she immediately zooms in on getting out the sieve each night for her "hat". LOL.

She is talking up a storm, and we laugh every day at how vocal she is. She is non-stop pure gibberish, with an occasional word that we might recognize. Our little sponge's latest word is "Cracker?". She'll hold out anything, edible or not, and say "cracker". Hee hee. She enjoys holding out her toes for mama to tickle *("where are your toes? oh, there they are! Tickle, tickle!")*, to which she'll immediately repeat "tickle, tickle", with her contagious giggles. She is beginning to put her hand on her head, and looks to me to say "Oh, that's your head!". At 13 months, my girl is learning body parts! It is amazing! She's also started imitating me in saying "uh oh" whenever she drops something, which has been her food at dinner time (dropping it or holding it out for the fur kids! UH OH is right!)

Last week, I told Sassy Sager she was a good girl, and K repeated after me, clear as a bell, "good girl". Of course, she hasn't been as clear in her repeating of this phrase since that one time, but she is attempting to repeat that every day now, too.

This weekend, she became obsessed with her little mobile ride-on toy. My parents got her to stay on it and actually move; who cares if it's only backwards? She also loves with all her heart, to push the toy all around the living room, and gets so frustrated (and well, downright PISSY!), when she is stuck. Uh oh, we have a diva with a temper in training!. My mom was saying 'nananan nananana" for the car engine sounds, and the next AM, K was saying "nana nana nana" to push it around. She catches on quick.

CJ reported to me the other night that K was playing with her blocks (shape sorters), and he put in the dinosaur toy balls in her block box. Apparently she didn't like that, and apparently she is beginning to sort, because she took each ball he put in the block box and very animatedly, dropped them out with a huff at him. LOL. Oh, boy!

I love my walks with the fur kids, and I'm learning how to keep my hats on!Help! I'm trapped! And...I just learned how to crawl up ALL the stairs by myself! WHOOT!
So damn excitd to see her main man, Dada Silly girl doing silly things all the time
Hey you, you talkin' about me?

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