Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drumroll please: let the mock cycling begin!

Last night, I received my monthly visitor, AF (Aunt Flo), and so my instructions were to call the clinic whenever she showed this month.

I received a call today around noon from a nurse at my clinic (ironically, this was the nurse who called me the day I got my BFP and I can still vividly recall her voice and congratulations call to this day). *sigh*. Anyways, she called me with my instructions for this mock cycle.

Tomorrow, I start taking Estrace (estrogen) to build up my uterine lining. I go on May 5 for a lining check, as well as to do a fasting blood test, and two hours after that (and eating), a blood glucose check. Let's hope and pray that the meds and my body cooperate and work out the way they should.

I should really start getting back on the Reiki energy work that I did the whole time I was cycling during IVF cycle #1. I honestly believe and swear by the Reiki. I'll have to call and get those appointments lined up and re balance the energy inside my body. Lord knows I have enough stress at work lately to get it all blocked and I don't' need that!

I'll keep you updated on how my body is cooperating.

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Michele (Moosh) said...

So much to say but I can't type now! I'll call you!!! We're off to Bend, OR tomorrow. XOXOXOXO!

Hugs to little angel babe!


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