Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photo catch up

Yes, I know many of you come here just for the opportunity to salivate over our angel girl. Well, here you go. Enjoy the feast for your eyes. LOL. I'll have updates on her current "milestones and firsts" tomorrow, but for now, I must prepare for the evening (sipping on Dos Equis #2 and getting snacks ready) for the return of McDreamy! YAY! Finally!

Who is THAT? It's pup pup Sassy begging for some of K's scraps I love love love to go strollin' in my stroller, but I'm not too keen on these hat things

Who is THAT? Why, it's MAMA as a little girl, in HER floppy hat!

I love to dig thru my basket of books and read read read to myself! (upside down is no biggie for a wonder girl like myself!)
I see you, mama!
Hey, what is that sticker doing on the bottom of the table?
More cheese for you, mama! Conked out after a hard day of play. No more sleep sack (too hot), so notice the feet go thru the rails? We go into find her in MANY different crazy positions every few hours. She is quite the restless sleeper, just like her Dada!


Jonathon said...

She's so cute. I love seeing all the pictures :)


Laura said...

I check in ALL the time... I just love seeing Keifer and her big, happy smiles. :)

kristine said...

Wow - she looks huge! Such a smiler too. You really couldn't get any better than a smiler!


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