Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Swim Suit model

A few months back, we ordered K's swim suit for the season, and I had asked on here for opinions on the suits I liked. I was leaning towards the tulip suit, as the tulip is my favorite flower, and honestly, the colors in the suit are so "Keifer". LOL. Well, I'm glad I got this suit. We absolutely freaking LOVE IT. The only thing we DON'T love is the fact that my 10 month old is just about busting out of her size 18-24 month suit and it's only February. We have many months of growing until summer. *sigh*. And so, that is why I am mom of the year: yesterday, I called around the whole southern metro area, and found one Gymboree store (the Mall of America) that had one tulip swim suit left. ONE SUIT! And in a size 3T. I put that suit on hold, and as soon as I had K's warm body in my car after work, I zipped right over to the MOA and snatched that suit (thanks to the valuable 20% off coupon I had, on top of the sale, I got it for a steal!). Yes, its a 3T, but our girl already has two 2T suits in her closet, and I'm sure our fishie will be swimming year round at the gym with us, so I have no fear that in the not-too-distant future, she'll be splashing around once again in her mama's favorite suit.

Anyhoo, here is our swim suit model, breaking out for the first time last weekend in her new swim suit, with her pals Cameron and Cooper, getting ready to venture down to the hotel swimming pool and get some splashing fun in.
Our long- legged beauty
Look, it has a cute skirt
Isn't that just the GREATEST?
Waiting patiently for moms and dads to get ready to swim
Cam showing off his "love" tattoos

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