Friday, February 22, 2008

IVF Donor Cycle #2 update:

I know many people are wondering what the status is on our "trying for baby #2" cycle.
There honestly hasn't been too much going on in that department to even talk about, but finally, today a little insight came through.

Kerry's paperwork has been given the "thumb's up" at our clinic.

The clinic coordinator finally connected with me today, and had a list of the things we need to do before we meet with our doctor and Kerry and finalize any sort of dates for the actual Retrieval and Transfer. I don't think people really realize just how MUCH time, effort, and background goes into something as seemingly "simple" as an egg retrieval and embryo transfer (not that they are simple, by any means; but, we just don't show up for the procedures and magically end up PG).

Kerry, myself and CJ all need to have our infectious diseases labs done (blood work), and Kerry needs to go in on CD3 (cycle day 3) of her next AF (period), for her hormone level checks. CJ needs to have his swimmers checked out again. Kerry also needs to have what's called a "pre-antral' count done, where they check out her follicles via an ultrasound, to determine the potential of her possible egg production (ie does her follicles look good and plentiful? I'm thinking, having produced triplets naturally (no drugs), um, YES?).

Kerry's DH also has to have his blood checked, because you know, she's married to him and they share stuff like that (diseases, right?).

Kerry and her DH, and CJ and I all need to meet with the clinic psychologist for a "group assessment" , which really means sitting down and talking about the if, ands or buts of the whole egg donor thing, with a known donor. CJ and I already met with the doctor on our first go around, but we need to do the group part of it again. *sigh*.

Then, when all this is done and shows up clean and pure, we meet with the doctor to discuss the "program start' dates. Kerry will need to go through a mock cycle, as will I, to see how we respond to certain drugs, etc,. and then the whole ball of wax will most likely take place in the summer sometime. The whole ball of wax being - needles, medications, shots in the stomach,s hots in the ass, pills, nerves, anxiety, egg retrievals, and hopefully, good embryo transfers. If we're really lucky, we might even have some left over embryos. Our clinic is so darn picky though, in freezing embryos and their quality, that if we do have leftovers, we'll consider that a bonus.

So please continue to keep us all in your prayers. My mind and emotions have been all over lately, and poor CJ has been taking the brunt of my worries.


Marketing Mama said...

I've been wondering how it was all going - thanks for the update. Good luck with this next phase. Exciting! :)

Jennifer Prince said...

Hi sweets, you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. ((HUGS))


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