Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shopping with giggle girl: my buddy and me!

Oh, I love shopping with my giggle girl. After K's afternoon nap, I loaded her up and we hit the mall. I had a few things to exchange and shop for, and she had a ball, rolling in her Zooper, chewing on her teething ring thing, waving her arms around, and literally giggling everywhere we went. We went into 2 stores where she literally started WAVING at the sales girls as soon as we wheeled in. To say they were captivated by her, well, that was an understatement. My heart was bursting. The icing on the cake, if you will, was when I got us a pretzel to share at the Pretzelmaker. Yum yum, it was delicious, and I was having a ball, loving that moment in time when my 9 month old and I were hanging out at the mall, sharing a pretzel,and she was making her "mmmmm" sounds in enjoyment. *sigh*. Such bliss.

Then, we quick hit the Gymboree clearance racks, because I love to do that. Oh Lordy, they have yet another new line out with puppies in it, called "Tres Chic", and Lord, if they don't have the most adorable poodle clothes. But I will resist. My girl has tons of clothes, and we 'll wait until the clothes are marked down as low as they can go.
The exciting thing for me, though, is the swimsuits were out there, and I have $25 in Gymbucks to spend in the next week. Coincidentally, Jill called me right before I left and told me her and Corey and the kids joined Lifetime Fitness, where we are members, and invited K and I to go swimming with them this afternoon. Well, K doesn't have a suit. Coincidence that Gymboree had theirs out? I think not *wink wink*. So next weekend, we're picking one out. Which one do you like? I'm partial towards the tulips one, one: because I love tulips (even have on tattooed on my back) and two: because the darker color would look so cute on K. Whaddya think? *(and may I add, that I am beyond excited that they built the latest Lifetime 5 minutes from our house right now, and they have both an indoor and outdoor water area for kids, and I am so excited to spend time there with our family this summer! YAY)*






Kerry said...

I too love the tulip suit. Can I also say a big, "thank you" for getting that darn "My Buddy and Me" commercial jingle in my head. Remember that one?

Soupy said...

too funny - I had that tune pop into my head as well when I wrote out the title! :)
She's certainly big enough to be a Buddy Doll (aka Chuckie LOL)

DMB ( said...

The tulip suit is adorable and would be my second choice, but there's something about the turtle suit that I LOVE!! Hmmmm...might have to go check them out and pick one up for ourselves!!


Wendy & Karen said...

Hmmm.... tulip tattoo? That's too cool!

So naturally go with the tulip suit.

And let us know how the swimming goes.


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