Sunday, January 13, 2008

Giggle girl

This AM at church, K giggled her way through our service, and clapped her hands after the special choir took turns singing their songs. She had most of the congregation (a small one at that) laughing out loud at her antics. When it was time to sing the hymns, she pushed her nose up into the pages, to read the lyrics, and kept having me turn the book to the back cover, and then the front, to see what we were reading. It was a stitch.
When we were sitting down, I took her at one point and had her over my shoulder. She started flirting with the people behind us, and actually waved all on her own at Marilyn A., and said "hi", as clear as a bell. The she flashed her big cheese one-tooth grin and had everybody swooning.

Later, as I was catching up on some DVRed shows, K giggled her way through Jon & Kate +Eight, which is a show I LOVE to watch! She must get a kick out of all the kids, and she started clapping her hands at a few times, showing her excitement to be seeing the show. I usually don't let her watch any type of TV, except her sign language shows, so it was fun to watch her get a kick out of this one. And on a side note, that mother is a saint. I usually cringe at the way she and her hubby talk to each other, but I realize that raising six 3 year olds, and two 6 year olds would have ME on the edge of sanity everyday as well.

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Laura said...

Isaac and I like Jon and Kate, too! ;)


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