Sunday, December 31, 2006

Baby shopping!

Yes, I am obsessed with scouring the internet, reviewing all the baby products that are must haves, and slowly realizing that I may well become one of those women who, like being addicted to shoes, are addicted to diaper bags and strollers. LOL.
We all know months ago, CJ and I became obsessed with finding the "right" stroller. Well, we made multiple trips to many of the baby stores around the Twin Cities areas (in MN), and decided finally on the 2006, Red, Zooper Waltz. *It had to be the 2006, because Zooper was jacking its prices by A LOT just because the year was changing, GULP*
We are very excited to have Keifer Lynn get to experience the Zooper Waltz, complete with the different positions she can recline at, the awesome "weather" equipment that Zooper provides, including mosquito netting, the UV sunshade that covers the whole child, and the light-weight ease it seems to glide along.
We've also registered for the Bob stroller - the all -terrain stroller that we plan on using for the multiple doggie park trips we take in the nicer months. The Bob is like THE SUV of all terrain strollers - pushing it over bumps in the paths are effortless and we are hoping to have one in the future sometime.

Well, today, we made yet another trip to Babies R Us, accompanied by my MIL, Marge. Marge was just as overwhelmed by the amount of products for baby as we were initially! LOL. CJ took Marge to the stroller section and that's when he saw the stroller HE has been coveting (since he saw our friend's Rock Star Baby Stroller, made by the same manufacturer, but with Jon Bon Jovi's name on it, so they jacked it up by twice the price of this stroller). The Icoo Infinity stroller was on clearance - and not only that, it was also an extra 15% off. CJ's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas, and he purchased the stroller for himself. LOL. He calls it "his stroller" - and he loves it because it can be foreward or backward facing, the seat comes right off and you can attach the infant seat right to the frame (similar to a Snap n Go), and it IS relatively light-weight.

When we ventured over to the Infant Car Seat section, I showed Marge and CJ the infant seat we had registered for, the Graco Snug Ride - but then debated on the fact that the Snug Ride only goes up to 22 lbs for a baby, before you have to take him/her out. Well, after finding out the CJ was 9 lbs, 13 oz. at birth, and knowing my egg donor, Mooshie's, daughter Maddie was 8 lbs, 12 oz, at birth, I freaked a bit about the potential size of Keifer Lynn and wondered just how long she'd last in an infant seat that only went up to 22 lbs.. Yes, I'd heard that the Graco Safe Seat was a bit lumber some, but I'd also read and heard that this new seat on the market went through a variety of safety standard tests and was rated very highly, and has a weight capacity of 30 lbs.. Right then and there in the baby seat aisle, Marge announced she would buy us the Safe Seat for our baby shower in January! So we decided on the "Roxy" pattern (LOL because now I'll always think of my MN friend, Roxy!), and we have it in our garage! YAY! There is nothing like baby shopping for new and exciting baby gear to get the adrenaline pumping!

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Piccinigirl said...

sounds like the SHOPPING is ON....and that the registering was lots of fun.
Can't believe it's getting closer and happy for you .


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