Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm officially "one of them": a new mommy

I have mommy brain. It is official. The day my Grandma passed away, I packed up some gifts for three different friends, all in different states. I *thought* I had labeled the boxes correctly and we sent them out for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, I got a call from one of the friends: "um, yeah, sweetie, we got some preseys today, that was so sweet of you......but they are labeled for ____ and ____ (not the name of her children)." So, yeah, I royally screwed up. I sent the gifts for ONE friend and her kids to my OTHER friend in a totally different state. Sa-weet. Luckily, these friends are ALSO friends, and they apparently had a good laugh over it, and said that I have officially become "one of them": the mommy who is losing her marbles. *sigh*. It's nice to know I'm really now a member of such a club (that has mommy attached to the title), but not so nice to know I screwed something up like that, and the kids weren't able to get their gifts in time for Christmas. And, the friends now have the unwanted burden of having to go out to the PO to mail out boxes because of MY slip-up. *shrugs*. Oh well, there's always birthdays and next year. And promises of paybacks for having to do my dirty-work.

But wow. Just wow. It's amazing what grief can do to you. Like a drug, it completely altered my brain for about a week or so. What a feeling. I had to repeatedly ask CJ what day it was the week of the funeral. For real. I could NOT remember the day or time that whole week. I've never experienced anything like it. I had to go back to work for one day after we got back from the funeral, and walking the halls at work, I honestly felt like I was in a different body. It was one strange sensation, and its eye-opening to me how people can feel in the aftermath of a death.

Grandma, if you're watching, I miss you. A lot. Rest in peace. And remember to whisper to God. There isn't a day that has gone by that you haven't been in my thoughts (or any of ours). We love you.

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