Friday, January 04, 2008

The "All Done" Copycat Girl

New Years Day, when CJ was almost done feeding K her dinner, she said something that sounded exactly like "all done". He cranked his neck to see if I had heard it (I had) and we looked at each other in disbelief: "did we just hear what we thought we did? Was it a fluke?". The intonation was spot on. Maybe it was just a fluke. Two nights later, she did it again. I asked Elaine at daycare this AM to keep her ears open, to see if she, perhaps, might hear what we THINK is our girl telling us when she's all done eating.
I picked her up today, and yep, she did. After breakfast, she apparently made the same sounds, and Elaine swears it was "all done" just like us. Holy crap.

Elaine also told us that the new baby Matty has arrived at daycare, now that our big girl is going to be 9 months this week, so another baby can be at the daycare. Today, Matty was visiting and apparently was fussing during lunch time, because he was hungry. Elaine said Keifer started imitating Matty's whines. LOL.

This AM on the drive into work, one radio station was playing audio clips from the hilarious movie Anchorman (* "You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?" "Dammit. Who typed a question mark on the Teleprompter?"* Giggles* ), and when the staff started laughing (on the radio), I heard my little copy cat girl in the back seat giggling along with them. Oye, my heart, can it feel any more love for her? I think not.

Then on the way home today, I peeked in the backseat, and my girl was humming along with the music, pulling her monkey hat off her head, and struggling to get one red sock off her foot. Yep, she got it off, and proceeded to taste it a few times, and then whip it around for mama to see in the rear mirror. Man, oh man, I love her.

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