Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scratch that itch

I found out at my cousin's wedding, a few weeks ago, that another one of my cousins had ITCHY FEET when she was pregnant! OMG! When I was pregnant, I had the itchiest feet EVER! It absolutely drove me bonkers - I would sit in bed and rub my feet on the covers, hang them over the bed to itch them on the carpet, or have CJ scratch them for me. Of course, like any itch, the more I scratched, the more they itched! It was a lose-lose situation. So imagine my surprise and laughter when my cousin and I were chatting about our pregnancies (side note: you have no idea how weird, yet joyful it is for me to say "chatting about our PG, meaning I (ME!!) had a PG! - it still blows me away). But I digress. Anyhoo, she mentioned she had had gestational diabetes, um, LIKE ME - and then she mentioned how she had the itchy feet thing going on. I had NEVER heard of any one else having the itchy feet! LOL LOL. I guess I am not the only insane one with the crazy symptoms!

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