Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chatter box

Keifer has turned into a real chatterbox lately - it is so much fun to sit and listen to her, make eye contact with her and "talk" back to her - especially when she seems as though she really knows what we are saying to her. HA! She has also discovered her tongue inside her mouth and can be seen constantly playing with it - sticking it out - choking herself with that and the newly formed saliva (can you say DROOL much? oye!).

I have been working all week this week - and my mom has been here taking care of Miss K. while I was working - so my blogging has been limited. However, I have a bunch of things to update and talk about -but to keep you all reading and in suspense *LOL* here is a link again to our dropshots and Keifer's latest "Chatting with daddy" video clips. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

It's just the best when they start talking. As soon as I started playing your videos, Graycen crawled over to me and wanted up on my lap. I put her up here and she started waving to Keifer. You have quite the doll. She is gorgeous and might I add...HUGE!


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