Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pretty Princess who loves Puppies Alert

Yep, I'm a pretty Princess (or so my folks tells me). They also tell me that I will love puppies, if I'm anything like my mama. I do seem to light up (or so my folks tell me) whenever I see my two puppies at home, Treble and Sage. Apparently (or so my folks tell me) I laughed the other night at the first time when Sassy Sager came up on the couch near me. I also (or so my folks tell me) smiled really big this morning before church when Treble did a big ol' sniff to my head. That Treble, he's sly in letting me know he really does care for me a lot. Apparently (or so my folks tell me) he slept on the rocker in my room the night I was so upset about my shots, and my daddy found him another night sleeping on an afghan in my closet on the floor. He also goes right to the swing or Pack & Play when he gets up in the morning, or comes in after a long, hot walk.

I sure do love my puppies. I can't WAIT to get to know them better. Daddy says (or so my folks tell me) that my first words will probably be, "No, no, Sass". *giggle* (*and mommy is sure glad she found all these puppy clothes on clearance and loaded up on them!*)

1 comment:

Piccinigirl said...

oh Keifer you are such a cutie. And you love your doggies too...

you are a very pretty princess :)


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