Sunday, June 10, 2007

Family fun weekend - and more Keifer pics, of course

Keifer Lynn says, "welcome to my blog!' Look how big I'm getting! I like to sit up and I LOVE to be 'nekkid' and show my growing Buddha belly off! Hee hee!
Our love triangle on the couch at night: Keifer and her fur siblings
Does this NOT melt your heart? My heart is singing with love!
My babies!

We spent the past few days up at my parents house, visiting some family and attending my cousin Jeff's wedding yesterday. It was so much fun - and many of my cousins finally got to meet our Chunky K! She was quite the hit of the party! My cousin's new bride gifted us with a beautiful little yellow dress for the wedding at my baby shower back in February, which fit in perfectly with her yellow bridesmaid dresses! *big smiles* Keifer didn't really want to watch the wedding, so CJ was kind enough to hang out with her while I got to watch it. Then, she was passed from family member to family member, and was a very tired girl at the end of the night. So tired, in fact, that she had her mommy and daddy VERY scared -she would not stop crying and screaming for over an hour - she was so overly tired. Finally, she calmed down and conked out, and today (Sunday) she has been sleeping for the majority of the day, with breaks in the sleeping to eat.

We have her 2 month check up tomorrow - as she is 2 months old TODAY! YAY! Happy 2 months, my little angel.

We've also added some new dropshot video clips - CLICK HERE to view them - its so much fun to see her in action! The last few I added were of Aubrie (who gets SO excited about her baby cousin) kissing her and of her Great- Papa singing/talking to her in Polish. Enjoy!

Cousins (the first of MANY pictures together, I'm sure) Aubrie Lynn & Keifer Lynn

Treble was on baby duty - he literally followed my mom around the house while she was holding the baby! Thank, Tboy, you're a good boy!

Family picture -Daddy, mommy, & Keifer in her pretty new dressThe happy new bride & groom: My cousin Jeff & his wife, LeeAnn, along with their "honorary" little munchkin *don't you love their doggie, Joey? She was a flower dog!*
Keifer got really hot, so daddy changed her into a cooler outfit, right on top of the table! My cousin and her boyfriend look on in amusement!
Mommies & their girls- my cousin Becky (mommy to Aubrie) *yes, people mistake me and Becky for sisters!*
Awww, giving her baby a kiss! (all on her own, she loves her so!)

Visiting Great-G-ma Gina Great Gma plays with Keifer's toes
Daddy showing the fur siblings that Keifer is OK after her bath (they lie at our feet with worry when we bathe her)
See guys, I'm OK!

And finally, mommy and some of her cousins (& my brother, 2nd from Left) at the wedding last night! It's rare we all get together these days! It is so much fun to hang out with them, now that we are older and can now sit and talk - like real grown ups! (well, most of us! LOL)

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