Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Family Times

Keifer has been a lucky, loved-on girl lately. Last week, Bumpa/Papa Dale and Nana Di came down to babysit while Mommy went into work on Thursday. Keifer was loved up and both Bumpa and Nana were in shock at how BIG their angel is getting! Yes! Our girl is growing, growing, growing.....*sigh*. It's so sad to me - I can barely fit her inside the Hotsling pouch I was raving about a month ago! She is too long and if she had head control, I'd be able to wear her in the pouch sitting up -- but we'll have to wait until she isn't a bobblehead! LOL.

While G-ma and Bumpa were here, we gave Miss Chunky K. a bath and she did NOT like that!

This past weekend, we spent Sunday at Corey and Jill's for Abby's 6th Birthday! We had a delicious BBQ "kabob" lunch and Abby spent the majority of her time trying to entertain her cousin. Of course, if anything, Keifer entertained all of US!
The birthday girl reading to her favorite baby girl cousin

Making Auntie Jilly smile by smiling at HER

Keifer Lynn is 8 weeks old today- if you go by weeks. I know I keep saying it, but I'm in utter shock at how FAST the time goes. I told CJ last night I want another baby - *sad face*. If only I knew we'd be able to have one - or get one via adoption. He doesn't want to talk about another baby for about a year -he wants to focus on our angel girl, which I completely understand. At the same time, I'm now 33 years old and my body isn't that of a younger women, especially since I had egg issues to begin with (or lack thereof). I am torn at how I want to achieve another baby - because the odds of us conceiving naturally probably aren't all that great - since we went through hell trying the first time. Of course, we were blessed enough to have luck with a donor egg cycle, but whose to say it would work again -and who would we use to be our donor? *sigh*. Plus, I'm afraid of it not working, on top of the huge expense of it all. The emotional stress is unbelievably overwhelming, and I don't think I can go through that again - especially with a baby at home. I am leaning more towards adopting, and we all know it takes a long time to achieve that - with all the paperwork and then the waiting game.


I better stop before I get myself all worked up. CJ is right - I'm going to focus on everyday with our miracle baby girl, and enjoy every day of this upcoming summer - its already half booked with plans and I don't even want to THINK about the end of August that looms ahead.

We'll be going up north again for my cousin's wedding on Saturday - so Keifer will get to meet even MORE family members! This girl is one lucky baby - to have so many people who love her so much! I know she has some cousins that are very excited to meet her - so be prepared for an enormous amount of pictures to come!

*and yay, the library now has Entourage Season 3 on order, and I'm on the hold waiting list!*

Wearing a pretty dress with my Bumpa & Nana
Doing a photo -shoot before a trip to the mall (so mama can find something to wear to the upcoming wedding - oye*)
Telling my new bunny a secret?
Please, mama. Enough pictures, already!

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Piccinigirl said...

OMG, she is just getting cuter and cuter every day. I love how much time you are getting to spend with family and friends and how much everyone is enjoying Keifer. What a doll baby :)


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