Sunday, June 03, 2007

Keifer + Kevin *aka "Johnny Drama"*

The past few nights have been "family night" in the Soupie household. I made the connection that we can rent DVD's at our local library ( literally 2 blocks away) for a mere 50 cents a day - and that includes whole seasons of TV shows. Last week we watched Season 1 of Entourage, and the past 2 nights, we whizzed through Season 2. CJ and I are hungry for Season 3, and know Season 4 is now showing on HBO, but we currently don't have HBO - and is it really worth the extra $$ a month just for the one channel? Anyhoo- we call it "family night", and we all pile on the couch - CJ, me, the furkids, with our new addition of Keifer -whom we pass back and forth depending on whose arms are tired first. The furkids love this time, and we love the cuddling that goes on.
CJ and I find ourselves laughing hysterically - literally (for ME) gut-busting out-loud laughing at the one- liners and facial expressions of Kevin Dillon's character - Johnny Chase (or Johnny Drama - his career name *LOL*). I cannot get enough of this character - whoever writes for this show is a genius (which makes me do a tanget comment on the fact that I just watched the entire reality show, Shear Genius and LOVED IT - loved the fact that Anthony won - but I digress). *LOL*
Last night, as we were deep into the night of family time on the couch, I had just finished burping Keifer, and she was snoozing on my chest, her sweet, cherubic face next to my neck - and I was giggling along to the episode where Johnny is a big hit at the San Diego "Comicon Convention" *giggles remembering*. Johnny had just gotten done spewing out yet another hilarious one-liner, when Keifer suddenly lets out this enormous GIGGLE!
My girl - so sweet! It was soooooo funny how appropriate the timing of her laugh escaped her. *sigh*. I had to blog about this, of course. Does this mean her girl is going to be a movie junkie like her mama (and enjoy good quality TV shows? Discuss amongst yourselves - LOL).
Now excuse me- I'm off to polish off a few more episodes of Big Love, another fantastically written and acted drama on HBO. Ahh, that HBO- they've got the handle on the hits.

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Emilie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I love Entourage, and I know exactly which episode you're talking about! Those little baby giggles are so sweet. :)

Side note: Entourage is supposed to be based on the early days of the actor Mark Wahlberg, and one day, I saw this ad for a B-level movie starring one Donny Wahlberg ... and I thought, hmmm ... could Johnny Drama be based on a real person ... does Mark Wahlberg have an older brother - Donny Drama??


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