Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bliss in books

Ahhh, my bliss of books. I was lucky enough this weekend to FINALLY read through a book I've had on hold for quite some time - a wonderful novel - currently a hit I believe - called "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield. What a wonderfully written book! I loved it - I could not put it down. Before Keifer - I could be found scouring through books left and right, and I'm always on the hold list at the library for something. I was lucky enough to have time this weekend to read this wonderful tale and if you're a reader, you should try this one out. I think you just may like it! (*and I know my friend Emilie has enjoyed this book as well, she being a reader as well!*)

I also got called and picked up the latest book by the author of The Kite Runner -Khaled Hosseini - called A Thousand Splendid Suns. So far, I've made it through 4 pages, and already I can tell it's going to be as gripping and most likely as disturbing, as the Kite Runner was. I only have 2 weeks to read it, but if its as intriguing as its predecessor, I know it'll be done soon (Keifer willing! LOL).


Emilie said...

You'll have to report back when you've finished the Hosseini book, Carrie - I'm curious about it.

I really loved "The Thirteenth Tale"! I'm glad you did, too.

Piccinigirl said...

oh three good books for me to get. I am trying some chick lit right now to just take my mind off serious stuff, but I've heard so much about the Kite Runner that I really need to buy it soon.

glad mommy is getting some reading time. :)


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