Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Friends are Special

This weekend, as I stated in my previous post, I got together with some fellow MN mommies, a group of women that all met online and have been meeting up for a little over 3 years now. My friend Julie and her hubby and 3 year old gorgeous daughter, Holland, drove down from my hometown Duluth to meet up with us (and their family as well). *ironically, Julie and I attended Junior High School together and then met up on the message board in the past few years ~ and she is the creator and gift- giver of my fabulous homemade Cart Cover!*.

Anyhoo, Julie mentioned to Holland the night before the friends they would be seeing at the MOA, and she told her about me and having baby Keifer inside my belly. She told Holland that my baby's name is "Keifer" and Holland replied, "that's a lovely name." *smile*.

Then, after staring at me for half the GTG, as well as being occupied with another friend of ours and her name, Holland specifically asked if she could have a picture with me and baby Keifer inside my belly. So we did, and I had Holland feel my belly, as I felt Keifer jumping with the hiccups. Her face lit up when she felt my belly and Julie said she has continued to talk about this for days now. She is apparently over the moon and according to Julie, she is just beginning to understand about babies and where they come from. LOL. I love little friends. They are so fun to watch in their amazement of things like babies in the tummy!

Watch out for this girl, because knowing her parents, I KNOW she will be in the movies someday! She is quite the little picture taker/performer! *swoon*

In other notes, I have 1 week and 1 day until my due date. I never EVER thought I'd write the words "I can barely move" but -- I CAN BARELY MOVE. I am ready. Keif has taken up residence inside my ribcage and stomach (as though it feels) and I can barely breathe or walk today. And today of all days - I had my special education director FINALLY come in to do his review/observation of me and my teaching (after having all year, the final week is when we get things done around here. LOL). I bet I looked hilarious lumbering around and groaning as I pushed myself off the floor with my 3 year old kids in my class. Our program secretary had stopped in for a minute, and she called me later and asked if he (the director) gave me bonus points for managing to do a lesson while sitting on the floor! LOL


Rae said...

you both look absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

LutherLiz said...

How cute is she! Stuff like that is one of my favorite things about working with kids.

I know that the clock is ticking til Keifer arrives. I hope you have a nice easy labor and can't wait to hear about Keifer's entry into the world (and see pictures!)

Liz - from MN ladies

Piccinigirl said...

wow Carrie, you look amazing, I say that every time...but you have GREAT pregnant.

Holland, what a cutie pie!!!!

can't wait to meet Keifer, I can't believe it's almost time :)


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