Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last minute fixings and more books! Yay!

Since we're down to the wire, CJ and I have been putting the final touches on everything. CJ is having fun taking our monitors out of their boxes and hooking them up, and is currently putting our Pack and Play up in our living room (since we have a 3 level "split" house, we figure we'll use the P&P quite a bit). It is sitting right next to our swing, and now that we have our computer down in our dining room, we have put together the new armoire and have "neatened" up the top of that (ie no more crap laying on top of it, LOL).

I spent today having lunch at the MOA (Mall of America) with some of my online MN message board friends. My rocks, my prayer warriors, my support system. I woke up late today -- I slept 12 hours! Oye! -- so I was rushing to get there on time. I made it and was surprised and so touched when 2 of the gals gave me another baby gift - some more wonderful items, including the very precious "I was worth the wait" onsie and hat that I had been debating over for some time. *sigh with love*. I can't wait to have Keifer's picture in this.

I then hit Old Navy in search of some summery tops (ie its getting hot here and I'm sweaty and nothing fits me these last few weeks), and ended up getting Keifer yet ANOTHER clearance 'puppy' outfit. How could I not? It has the cutest puppy on the shirt and pants, and says "Kisses". *smile* I found myself a tank top that I hope will fit this Spring, and then after wandering around Motherhood Maternity and having NO luck with the nursing bras or tanks, I found myself blowing a wad of $$ on even MORE board books for my precious angel inside me at Marshalls.

Yes, I've admitted it before, I am in love and addicted to kids' books. The more books the better. But - I didn't have the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" board book for MYSELF (I have the big hardcover at work), and ended up splurging on the companion "Polar Bear, Polar Bear", and "Panda Bear, Panda Bear". I also found the companion to CJ's favorite "I Love My Daddy Because" which is "I Love My MOMMY Because". *smile again*. We have to make this love of Keifer's equal, right? LOL. I found a couple more Sandra Boynton board books to add to the growing collection of "must haves" by her, and I also picked up the board book versions of the "Five Little Monkey" books: "Jumping on the Bed" and "Sitting in a Tree", more books that I have at work in soft cover and on tape, but want to own in board book for Keif.

I had one more stop to make, after I drug my tired feet and legs out of the MOA; I had to return a few items from our shopping spree at BRU last weekend, and after I got my cash back, I found myself at the register yet again buying another fantastic book for Keifer! "Nursery Rhymes" - a fabulous large board book, with great pictures, and a companion CD of each nursery rhyme. YAY for a score there! I added this to the recently purchased "Philadelphia Chickens" I had found with the most FANTASTIC CD of music, and it made me just giddy with excitement to play these fun songs and read these fun rhymes to Keifer!

Now I'm cranky and tired and hungry and ready to lie down on the couch and read all night. Maybe I'll run or have CJ run and grab me a few movies - now that there are some new DVD' s out that I haven't seen. I'm usually on the up-and-up with seeing all the new releases in the theater or on DVD, but somehow, this PG has sucked all my enthusiasm for going to movies out of me! LOL. I find myself obsessed with everything and anything baby and suddenly, now its almost time for her to make her appearance! Yikes!


Laura said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the books... I stopped by to pick up a few for Isaac's easter basket. :) He has SO many already, but loves "reading" and being read to.

The Town Criers said...

All of those are great books. And Kiefer will be a fantastic reader later on because of all the books now :-)


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