Sunday, February 04, 2007

More generosity! My very own Cart Cover! and: Hiccups!

The mailman stopped by yesterday and dropped off a package from a friend of mine up in Duluth, Julie. She makes homemade cart covers (for when you go out to the grocery store, restaurants, etc., and want to cover the germy seat for your own child). I had mentioned to Julie a few months ago that I was going to eventually want to get myself my very own JulieMac cart cover, as they are beautiful and very popular with the ladies on our message board. I had told her I was imagining a lilac/purple color with yellows and maybe a flower print.
Well, imagine my joy and surprise when I opened the gift yesterday and there, with it's own carrying bag, was my very own JulieMac cart cover for Keifer!! YAY! I was soooooooooo damn excited. Yes, I'm a dork, but you see, it was EXACTLY as I had envisioned it would look. EXACTLY. So perfect. So thank you again, Julie, I love it!

And, that sly girl, she slipped in a puppy hat and bib for Keif, my *hopefully* future puppy lover! LOL. They are adorable! Julie told me she purposely got the hat in a bigger size in case of a big melon, and I LOL when she told me that, because we're already joking about how Keif is most likely going to have a BIG HEAD just like her daddy and his relatives! LOL.

In acrobat news, I sat on the couch for an hour last night and just watched our daughter flip around inside me! It is the best feeling ever. AND: she had the hiccups!!!!!!! I've had so many people ask me if I've felt her have the hiccups. Well,there was no denying she had them last night: my stomach was jumping up in a rhythmic pattern for about 20 minutes straight! *sigh* I'm so going to miss these little exciting things when she isn't inside me! LOL.

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Kerry said...

Those are the best things ever. We had them for Quinn and people were always asking where we got them. I was all over it.


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