Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick 39 week update

Here I am, blogging away, belly on lap. LOL.

No changes
*sigh* I had my OB appt this AM and nothing has changed in 3 weeks of updates.
I'm still at a 1 cm dilated and still about 75% effaced.

She said next week at my appt -the doc (I switch every week who I see - every other kind of thing) will most likely discuss inducing me then. I'm due on Tuesday - the 3rd - and my doc appt will be Wednesday the 4th.
I must have sat wrong last night, I can barely move - my tail bone is SO sore, OWIE. I truly am waddling because it hurts so much to move. I'm hoping maybe its the sign of other things to come. Ha - a girl can dream! I made a chiropractor appointment for 4 PM today - so maybe that'll help. And maybe she'll be able to adjust me and get things rolling with Keif!


Kristine said...

the home stretch - you've got the itch!! hang in there, she'll be here before you know it!

The Town Criers said...

Just think--in a few more days you'll be able to see her face-to-face! Here's to a very easy delivery.

Laura said...

C'mon, Keifer! We're waiting!


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