Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shock & Awe: 26 weeks and going......

This past week has flown by and suddenly, the 26 week announcement email arrived in my Inbox. Amazing. I've said it before, but this is going so fast, it makes me somewhat sad and nervous about the upcoming 90+ days.
We've started cleaning out the nursery -to-be and we *think* we've picked out a yellow for the walls. I'm still waiting to hear back, but I am pretty sure a friend's friend will be doing the Farmyard Friend's bedding animals on our walls. tells me: Your baby now weighs a little less than 2 pounds and measures about 14 inches from head to heel. Her weight will more than triple between now and birth as she rapidly lays down baby fat. She'll need that fat to help adjust to colder temperatures outside the womb and as a source of energy and calories in the first days of life. It's not uncommon for newborns, especially those who are breastfed, to lose weight (sometimes as much as 10 percent of their birth weight) in the first week after birth.
The nerve pathways in your baby's ears are developing, which means her response to sounds is growing more consistent. Her lungs are developing now, too, as she continues to take small breaths of amniotic fluid good practice for when she's born and takes that first breath of air.

As always, I'm smiling as I feel Keifer flip around inside me, right above my pubic bone. I went to see a movie today (The Holiday, loved it) and throughout most of the movie, I had a half-smile on my face as I felt her kicking around (maybe she thought Jude Law's voice was nice to listen to, just like mommy? Perhaps, as she can't SEE him yet, to swoon over *giggle*). I've also noticed my belly button is becoming slightly discolored in the middle - and it starting to stretch. It's the first thing CJ comments on whenever I show him my rapidly increasing size.

Here are the 26 week belly shots:


Kerry said...

You look amazing! I love feeling my trio move around as well and I know I will miss it when they are no longer feasting off my insides. I am just a few days behind you so I always love reading your week updates. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Piccinigirl said...

You look great sweetie!!!! Time is flying by and soon it will be time to meet Keifer excited for you.


Emilie said...

Wow, you look so great, Carrie! Now that the holidays are over and we're (maybe) less busy, I'd love to get together ... maybe we can go to Peapods and check out the slings and other fun stuff they have there.


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