Sunday, September 03, 2006

Researching out in the field

For the past 3 Sundays, CJ and I have gone stroller hunting. Every week, we come home with different ideas of what we are going to want. I think finally this week CJ understands what we will be using our strollers FOR, and why mommy will eventually want 2 strollers. One for the everyday walks, shopping, etc.. A stroller that is lightweight, easy, and infant car seat compatible. He must realize Keifer is due in April and we do have to walk our dogs daily at least 2-3 times a day. A good stroller is going to be a must. I also want to look into a good "all terrain" stroller , because we will be visiting the dog park quite often. Good wheels and durability for a few years is a must on my list.
So far, we've gone through MANY decisions of what we think we may want. Last Sunday, I came home and CJ asked me to do a poll on my message board, inquiring as to what the important features on strollers are to the mamas that have experience.
I think this week we've got it narrowed down. I think the Zooper Waltz is coming in first, with the Inglesina Zippy a close second. The guy who helped us tremendously today at Baby Grand, was SO helpful in showing us the features on each stroller, he didn't push the more $$ strollers on us, and was easy to talk to. He did a fantastic job talking to us for almost 1/2 hour today. He also said that the he and somebody will be going to the conventions for the next year showings , and that the Zooper Waltz MAY be coming out next year here with a child snack tray (which we want, but the Waltz doesn't have now). Fun stuff. It gets CJ and I all fired up. LOL. As for the all terrain, there are many we like, but we've made our decision to NOT worry about that now. We need to focus on the more important items, like nursery and an infant car seat. We've already gotten our crib (my cousin's crib, since her Aubrie will be out of it soon), and my MIL (mother-in-law) Marge found us an awesome antique chest that we will put in there as well.

I also went bra shopping briefly today. We hit Kohl's because CJ had a gift card from last Christmas to use (this boy rarely buys clothes and it too picky for me to just come home with some). So we picked him out three shirts, and since Kohl's was having a sale (Imagine that, I say sarcastically), my favorite Jockey bras were on sale. I tried one on and it was like putting on a piece of heaven. Oh My. I knew the girls were growing, and that my bras have become uncomfortable, but putting on the next size up was like sliding into a soft, down filled, cozy warm bed, just made for me. LOL. I told CJ finding a bra that feels this good on the girl is the most important piece of clothing on my body. I asked him to compare how I feel with my old bras to him wearing a pair of undies that pinch his balls. Not very comfortable? No, he didn't think so. LOL The part that REALLY got my motor running, was that we spent over $50 on CJ's clothes, so we got $10 to spend there anytime between this Tuesday and the 13th of September. YAY! So with the bras being on sale, and the $10 free we have to use, I can go get another Jockey bra this week for only $10! *heart sings with joy* Is there anything better than a good high after shopping? I think not!


webmaster said...

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Laura said...

If you don't want the penis enlargement comments... LOL, put on the "word verification" setting.

We have a Zippy and LOVE it. Email if you have any questions about it. :)

Jennifer Prince said...

This post was cracking me up!!! I needed that!

Emilie said...

LOL!! The Zippy is on top of my list, too ... though we have put off stroller buying because we have a loaner stroller to snap the carseat into for now. And we probably won't need the all-terrain/running stroller (Steve's the runner) until next spring. Anyway, have fun with the shopping!


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