Monday, October 23, 2006

Doggie big brother love & family time

Treble (Tboy), as I've mentioned before, has been unusually snuggly lately. He always wants to lay next to me or ON me, right on top of Keifer. Last week, I noticed that sometimes when I'm up walking around, all I have to do is call him, and he'll come up and jump up and I swear he's saying "hi" to the belly. He even licks at it. Its so damn sweet! My Tboy - protective big fur brother! This past weekend, I had a 4 day weekend (MEA teachers' workshop weekend in MN). Thursday, I had a great lunch date with my friend Missy and her daughter, Madysen; Missy and I came home and took turns listening to our babies heartbeats on the doppler. It was so fun! Missy is scheduled for a cesarean on November 13! Ugg - 3 weeks til we meet baby #2! We are so excited! Then CJ and I went and saw "The Departed" w/Leo, Matt Damon, and Jack. It was awesome - I was worried because I had heard its pretty gory - and lately I can't handle violence or gore like I used to. But it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and I highly recommend it. I was pretty impressed w/Leo and Matt's acting chops. LOL, as if I am some important critic.

Friday, CJ took work off, we packed up the Envoy and the kids, and we hit the road to Duluth. Its' been since August since I've visited and since July (before our BFP!), for CJ. We arrived at my parents around lunch time on Friday, and my cousin and aunt, and cousin's daughter, CJ and I's Goddaugther, Aubrie, came to visit. I, of course, broke out the fetal doppler and we had quality family time listening to Keifer's heartbeat thumping away. Aubrie was adorable - she was perplexed as to what we were doing, and when she heard the heartbeat, she actually picked up the doppler and put it up to her ear, like a phone. LOL. It was priceless. At one point, she looked at her mom, my cousin Becky, like "what is going on?". She is just such a love. My heart just swells when we are able to spend time with her. Saturday we visited my Grandma and Papa in their new assisted living digs - but they both were really sick with horrible colds. Then, my mom and went shopping and mom bought me 3 new maternity tops - one for CJ's uncle's wedding in November, and one for my rock concerts coming up. She also got me a new bra - a bigger bra that soon I'll be wearing all the time. I'm just at such an uncomfortable place with the bra situation. I never imagined the girls would grow this fast, not that I'm complaining. LOL. But it gets pretty uncomfortable and I'm at a horribly "in between' situation size-wise. *(sigh)*. Such is life.


Emilie said...

"The Departed" was tolerable? I can't even watch the commercials... anyway ...

I often wonder if our pets can sense the extra "person" in the house. I felt like our cat seemed more cuddly when I was pregnant, and when we brought Daniel home, she didn't protest or freak like she does when anyone else enters our house. I wonder what Treble will be like when you bring Keifer home. I'll bet it will be a cute sight!

Piccinigirl said...

Carrie, you look amazing!!!! Just gorgeous!


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