Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Treble is already a protector

When I got home from my Embryo Transfer in July, all looped up on Valium, and was put on 2 days of bedrest, the first "being" who greeted me and made sure I was comfy was Treble. He jumped up next to me in bed, as CJ got me all prepped and ready, and I'm not sure if Tboy could "sense" there were embryos in my uterus, but he did lay right on top of them for about 10 minutes straight, making sure I was OK.

Last night, when CJ and I got home from work, our fetal doppler that we rented had arrived. We rented it for 3 months, and it allows us to listen to Keifer's heartbeat at home. We immediately (or should I say CJ immediately) broke it out and I quickly laid on the couch so we could attempt to find the heartbeat. I have to admit, it was frustrating at first, and I snapped at CJ. I took over the wand and when we found the heartbeat, it was like listening to a tiny part of heaven. I called my Dad, he listened, and then I called my Grandma Gina's, where my mom was packing up my Gma's things for her move into assisted living later this week with my Grandpa. I played the heartbeat for them both, and my mom said the heartbeat sounded like a "kettle drum". The average beats were around 152 beats or so, so it was near the number I heard last week at my OB appointment.
What was so cute, was, when Treble saw we were done listening to the heartbeat and I was lying on the couch, relaxing, he jumped up and immediately settled himself down RIGHT ON TOP of where Keifer is located. Smack dab on top. Like he almost "knew" that 's where the baby is. Can he sense it? Does he know? Or is it just the "comfy" spot on his mommy's tummy? Sass was in her heaven, chewing her nylabone like a crazy girl (they do this when they are really excited or happy), but Tboy, he was catering to his mom and giving her lots of love. *sigh* I love these damn dogs. I hope in the future, Treble and Keifer are good pals. I think Treble will be his/her protector. I have this "feeling".
(* I also took the doppler to work today, and a few of my coworkers got to "meet" Keifer by hearing him/her thumping away. It was funny - my lying on this dirty floor in their office and all of us ohhing and ahhing over the swoosh swoosh of my placenta sounds. LOL*)


BuggyBride said...

Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo thrilled for you guys! :)

Shannon (a.k.a. BuggyBride)

Michele said...

Carrie, you have never looked more beautiful.

I'm not kidding.

Just gorgeous and glowing!!!! Yay for T-boy....you know how much I love him, too!

Lisa said...

I love the pics. They definitely "know", you know!


Lisa D

Piccinigirl said...

oh wow, that is so great. You look amazing and I am so glad that everyone is protecting Keifer...that is so sweet.

Jennifer Prince said...

So sweet! You look radiant!


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