Thursday, October 19, 2006

wild and wacky dreams

As I've stated before, I've always had wild and wacky dreams my whole life. But being PG has made some of them even MORE wild and wacky. The other day at work, somebody asked me if I was dreaming about having my baby yet, or dreaming about the gender of Keifer. Honestly, I have NOT had any baby dreams whatsoever.
Until last night.
I had a dream last night about friends from LONG ago in my life - like elementary school and high school. I dreamed I was visiting them and one of them had a baby that had quite a mouthful of teeth. Everytime she handed the baby to me to hold, the baby would chomp with those little teeth - onto my shoulder or onto my leg. And not let go! And the weird thing, it hurt! Yes, that is weird.
The other part included another friend that had a baby, and everytime she handed HER baby to me,I would drop it. I could NOT get a hold of this baby, and it usually dropped head first. There I was, desperately trying to grab a decent hold on this infant, and the head kept swinging away from me. At one point, the head bumped the ground, and the mom was like "its OK". It was so freaky.
I sure hope this is just a nightmare and not signs of what might come. LOL.

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Piccinigirl said...

I think you're crazy...hahahh

but I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE ya!


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