Sunday, July 09, 2006

They're here, they're here!

Mooshie and Maddie arrived yesterday AM!
After going to bed late and getting up at 5 AM, I drove to the airport to pick them up (their flight was due at 5:38AM). I parked and went in, only to see on the arrival's monitor that their flight was delayed for another half hour. I got myself a cup of comfort (aka chai tea latte, soymilk please), and waited. I had a wide range of emotions going through my body. Sleepiness, excitement, worry, and I was almost on the edge of tears (damn hormones!). I was getting impatient for the flight to arrive. Finally, the monitor told me that the flight had landed. After hitting the ladies room and freshening up (and realizing that a light pink bra under a cheapie Tshirt does NOT look good), I came out of the bathroom only to realize that Mooshie and Maddie were standing literally 10 feet in front of me, checking out the monitor to find out where their luggage was. I picked up my cell and dialed Mooshie; she answered "Hello?". I said, "hello, are you wearing pink pants?" LOL. She looked around, and there I was! YAY! Big hugs and Maddie watched sleepily from her perch in her Ergo Carrier from Mooshie's back -- sucking her thumb and curling her other finger around her ear. Tired girl.
Mooshie said that she had NOT slept on the red eye flight, and Maddie only slept about an hour, and she danced on Mooshie's sore ovaries for a bit of the flight.
We waited what seemed like an eternity for the luggage to arrive. For some reason, Mooshie's bag and car seat were not on the carousel that was the "Portland" arrival location. We walked from carousel to carousel and finally, after checking the Portland one again, I found her 2 bags and car seat. We loaded up, got to my SUV, and drove home (with one pit stop for Diapers).
We got home and Chris and Corey had just arrived home from working their pre-dawn hours at the golf course. Corey was putting together the crib, so that meant we needed Maddie to stay up a bit longer. So we all chatted, had a snack, and got re-acquainted. Mooshie gave herself her Lupron AM shot, and then around 9 AM we all went back to bed. LOL
I was awakened, after snoozing off and on for a few hours, to my coworker's call: she had just read my blog and had JUST GOTTEN HOME from a vacation at Cove Point Lodge! How ironic we are going there in a couple weeks! LOL. Talking with Karen made me even more excited for Chris and I to have a little "getaway" and hopefully (God willing) let our embryos implant for the long winters nap.
Chris and I were milling around when we heard Maddie and Mooshie awaken. They came upstairs, and we spent the day playing with Maddie, eating, and just chilling out. Chris left to go visit his parents at Corey and Jill's (his brother and wife's), while Mooshie and I cleaned ourselves and Maddie up.
Chris came back to pick us up and we took our car ride over to Corey and Jill's, making a pit stop to pick up some steak kabobs and Mooshie picked up a really cool "The First years" booster travel seat. It works really great!
We arrived at Corey and Jill's and Mooshie got to meet one half of our family. For some reason, when we walked inside and Mooshie was hugging Marge and Jilly, I broke into tears. Just writing about this memory causes me to tear up again. I'm wondering if my hormones and the overall amazement I feel about all this is coming to a head. We had a fun visit, eating good food and the kids got to play. Abby really enjoyed meeting Maddie again, (they had met in April initially when Mooshie/Dave/Maddie were here for Doctor's meetings) and playing with her. Maddie was quiet initially but after eating a ton of salmon, she was her happy go -lucky self and giggles and laughs were soon heard. I teared up yet again when Maddie went up to my FIL, Jimbo, and said "Bumpa?" and lifted her arms to be picked up. Jim was so touched, so I was snapping pictures of my FIL holding my little precious angel-junior with tears in my eyes. Maddie enjoyed eating strawberries "Bumpa" Jim was giving her.
We went outside and played some more, and Maddie kept going up to my MIL, Marge, saying "Nano, Nano" (Nana). Marge was also very touched, and I know that after this first day, this first meeting with the Campbell clan, Jim and Marge are now just as in love with Maddie and Mooshie as Chris and I are.

It is Sunday AM. Disney TV's "Little Einstein" is playing in the background and I can hear Maddie talking in her quesitonative tone. CJ was resting on the couch and he had his little buddy, Maddie, bringing him books to read. Again, I was snapping pics of them together on the couch, cuddling under a blanket, with tears in my eyes. Just looking at the joy on CJ's face was enough to cause me to die a little bit inside --because if this doesn't work, I know he is going to take this as hard as I am. One full day with a 17 month old in the house, and we are all overwhelmed with the love.

I'm off to clean up: we've got my parents visiting today for the night, and friends coming over for the annual Lakeville Pan-O-Prog parade today.

And if you read this, can you please pray? My dad called to let me know he and my mom are leaving Duluth for the drive down to see us, and he said my Grandma fell this AM on the way to breakfast (they live in an new complex for retired/elderly), and my grandpa, who has not been doing well, is being taken to the Emergency room by my aunt and my uncle. I am so full of conflicted emotion right now. Thank you.

~~~~ My grandpa has been hospitalized with pneumonia, and my grandma has a goose-egg and a black eye from her fall. Please continue your prayers. My grandpa is pretty sick and dehydrated, so we are all pretty worried about him. Thank you.

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AussieElle said...

What a rollercoaster you must be on at the moment, I'm so glad Mooshie and Maddie arrived safe and sound.

I'm living vicariously through you at the moment.



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