Friday, July 07, 2006

Dr. CJ

Poor CJ. (*not!*)
Mooshie informed me that her trigger shot (the shot that you get to induce ovulation, exactly 36 hours before Egg Retreival (ER), is going to be subcutaneous, which means tummy shot, not in her bottom. Lucky gal. I went through about, hmm, oh, 12 or so shots in the bum, and Chris really enjoyed playing DR. CJ! LOL

So no more laying down, icing my bum for the trigger shot for me (hopefully!). Instead, the day of my Embryo Transfer (ET) I'll be putting a heating pad on my hip area, for the progesterone in oil shots I'll have to do nightly. Lovely. "Sesame Seed Oil" is what the box says. I've heard it's slow and thick and painful. Oh the joy I have to look forward to!

One week! Keep those prayers coming!


Emilie said...

Great pics, Carrie. :) I was so scared the first time I had to get a shot in the butt/hip. A nurse had to give it to me at the OB's office, and I just decided it would be good practice for focusing on my breathing. Which it was, though I do remember how much it stung. I admire you for having to fortitude to go through that so many times!

Laura said...

LOL at the ice pack pic. ;)

I've been praying nonstop for you this cycle!!

AussieElle said...

Carrie, I love you and your beautiful family and have been praying to experience the joy that will complete your family.

Dr CJ, go easy on Soupie, not too much bruising ok?


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