Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 2

Wow, the time is going by so fast already! It's amazing! It seems like Mooshie and Maddie just got here and already 2 full days have flown by.
It's funny -- tonight, Mooshie and I were chatting with my parents, and we all also agreed that the waiting for this donor cycle to actually START and come together also seemed to be so far off in the distance, and whammo, its here already. We are both (Moosh) and I starting to get anxious. Butterflies fill my tummy on a regular basis.
This AM, I woke up to CJ coming to tell me that Miss Maddie was downstairs awake. I could hear her lilting voice babbling away. I got up, and we all chilled out and ate some breakfast, while CJ snoozed off and on on the couch. Maddie started bringing him books to look at, and soon, the two of them were cuddled up like 2 peas in a pod. It is enough to make you just want to cry almost from the sight of it.
Then we all cleaned up, because it was parade day!
My IL's arrived, with Abby in tow. They, along with Chris, trekked over to the spot Chris had saved for our "parade perch". Soon after, my friend Missy, her 22 month old Mady, her DH, and their friends, arrived as well. They also trekked over to our parade spot, to look for CJ and company. Then Mooshie and I were just packing up our gear to walk over when my parents pulled into the driveway. They said hello to the furkids, who were manic by now (after all these guests) and then we walked over to the parade to join the others. What was a killer on the heart strings was watching Maddie hold both my parents by the hand and walking over to our group like this. *sigh*. She started immediately calling them both "Bumpa" and "Nano", just like my IL's, so she must one of the most loved little angels, with all these "Bumpas" and "Nanos".
We watched the parade awhile, and while Maddie took turns between sitting on my MIL's lap, and hanging out with my own mom, we watched Princesses go by in cars, on floats, bands and dance troups as well. It was a hot day, but CJ had saved our spot under a cool spot in the shade and there was a cool breeze,making it a perfect day to be surrounded by so much love -- with good friends and family.
We all packed up our gear and headed home, and Marge and Jim were on their way home to Grand Forks. We said our goodbyes, and they took Abby with them, causing the noise level in the house to come down considerably (hee hee). CJ went upstairs to take a snappy nap, and Mooshie and I hung out with my parents and Maddie, playing with the Little People farm and Bus that my mom had gotten from my cousin. Maddie again was plying my parents with her charms ("Nana, Bumpa") and you could visably see their hearts swelling with love for this little person herself, dimples flashing. I woke up CJ and he left for his Softball game -- he has league night on Sunday.
Then we decided to go get some dinner, so we loaded up and had dinner at Teresa's down the block *yummy mexican*. Maddie let my dad carry her in and out, and load her in her car seat. She actually put her arms out for him to do this. She was very impressed with the restaurant's music, and started bopping in her seat immediately. But what REALLY made her smile was the yellow balloon that the waiter brought her. It only escaped our hands 2 times at the restaurant.
We came home for a quick potty break, because then it was time to go watch Sassy Sager in her Agility class. I changed my clothes into my work out clothes, because there is no air in the dog place, and it was HOT, especially when you are running around for an hour. Sass did OK at class, not her best, but I think she was tired out from all the company and was a bit distracted. It was so fun to see Maddie and the crew on the sidelines watching Sass and having fun. Maddie even clapped a few times for Sass and the other dog, Sammy.
We came home, Maddie and Mooshie took showers, and CJ came home from his softball game. We sat around and talk talk talked some more, and I used my new Pampered Chew corer and egg slicer to clean up some strawberries and slice them up. That egg slicer worked like a dream! LOL. I dished up strawberries and whipped cream *yum, and even squirted some in my mouth! LOL*, and Maddie made the rounds, getting strawberries fed to her from her mama and her new adopted "Nano". LOL.
Now we are all in bed, and I am up too late, getting my blog done. I want to make sure I record what we do each day, even if it does sound boring. I like to look back and reflect on what we did and where we went. I have to get up at 6:45 and Mooshie and I are headed up to my clinic for her ultrasound and bloodwork. Then I am having her experience Reiki - I booked us both a 30 minute session with my gal, and I am looking so forward to it, as it really does help relax me. Then I am hoping to rest some more and enjoy my out-of-town guests, because they are so fun and I love having them here.
It is amazing to me how when a child goes to bed, the house seems so silent. I told my parents a few times tonight: can you imagine doing this (eating out at a restaurant), playing with the child at night, run run running around because they get into everything. It STILL seems like something that I may not be able to attain for some time. Its hard to even THINK that I could be PG in just a few weeks.

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