Sunday, July 30, 2006

The end of July: some Sunday night ramblings

CJ & I had a fairly low-key weekend, considering the excitement of this past week. I shared some more phone calls with family and friends, and actually seemed to be coming "down" off my high and anxiety. Friday night we were too tired to go out to eat to celebrate, so CJ picked up some Chinese and I picked at it. I'm finding myself really hungry, but certain things take longer for me to eat. Hmmm.

My brother was visiting with a buddy down here in MLPS/St. Paul, so he came over for an hour or so on Friday night to say hello, and tell us his fingers are crossed. I hope he's a good uncle - -he's known for not being very available or reliable, but even so, I know down deep he has deep feelings. He just chooses not to share with the family as much. Similar to many men I know, I guess. *(sigh)*.

Saturday, I slept in and CJ got up with the furkids and fed them and walked them. The weather has been in the 100's here this weekend, and its actually making me sick to be outside. The dogs aren't really digging it, either, although they DO like to go lay on their doggie towel on the deck for 10 minutes at a time, tongues panting, before we TELL them to come in and drink some water; weirdos. LOL.

CJ and I then hit the grocery store. It's funny, now that I'm PG, CJ is all about going hog wild if "mommy" wants to eat it, let's get it. I tried to get a variety of fruits and veggies, not that I usually DON'T, but more expansion on the variety. I'm finding myself strangely craving veggies like no tomorrow, and fruit not so much. I'm thinking we'll make some fresh juices in our juicer with the fruit, so I can get my vitamin punch in one cup.

After a few hours of relaxing with the new People magazine, we hit the movie theater (which you may remember is my home away from home). We haven't seen "Pirates" yet, but decided to go see the new "Miami Vice", since we are both huge fans of the director Michael Mann's "Heat" and "Collateral" (huge fans of Jamie (Foxx), not Tom (Cruise) in that one, screw Tom). Well, I won't say this one is in the same league as the other two. CJ told me he would've walked out, he found it really boring. I myself found it slow, but the cinematography, soundtrack, and pacing is pretty cool. Yeah, not up to par with "Heat', but damn, the sex scenes with hottee Colin Farrell in this movie is enough to steam up a windshield. Yowsa.
CJ then went over to Corey and Jill's to babysit Abby and Mason, while I hit the hay with my puppers and got a good night's sleep (alone in the bed, to stretch out to my heart's content).

This AM, I woke up and packed up the furkids and my shots and headed over to join CJ with the rest of the Campbell clan. Abby ran to meet me in the driveway and the first thing she did was immediately look straight at my belly. LOL. I informed her that the baby in my tummy was the size of an apple seed or so and that it wouldn't be a BIG belly until at least Valentine's Day, and that is a ways off. She was so cute. Then she proceeded to intently watch her uncle give me the progesterone shot in my butt, and had lots of good questions about it, including, "Auntie, does it make you cry?". She also inquired as to how many shots I get, how it feels, and if she could watch it again sometime. I told her she would maybe be a nurse someday and be able to give shots, but she responded that she would probably cry. LOL. I love the 5 year old rationalization. Then my SIL Jill made us pancakes, sausage and eggs and I devoured about 6-8 pancakes *blushing*, along with some sausage and pineapple. I didn't think I was that hungry. LOL.

I came home and had a major headache and felt really sick, so I laid down and napped for 2 hours. Ahh. Then I've spent the rest of today intently scouring the Consumer Reports website for reviews on strollers, cribs, and car seats. Yes, I am a dork. Part of me doesn't want to jinx myself by looking, but part of me is obsessed with all this. I'm a planner by nature, and to be able to "plan" for a baby in this house excites me more than any other planning ever could.

We have a hand-me-down crib from Corey and Jill that Corey and CJ's cousin used with her youngest, about 8 or 9 years ago. Then Abby and Mason used it and no problems. Part of me wants to accept the crib and not have to buy a new one, but the other part of me wants to purchase a new one, for safety reasons, as every site I've read recommends NOT using a "used" crib. Plus, the excitement of picking out our own crib is somewhat of a rush, too. But then the $$$$ factor of it confuses me. Who knows.

I'm also very excited because 2 weeks from now, I will have more visitors in my house! My friend Wiebke (Veebs) in CA is visiting with her 13 month old, Scarlett. I was able to meet and visit Veebs, Scarlett and daddy Tim, in March over my spring break. Veebs is another excellent friend of mine, also met online on our message board. Her and Mooshie are also very good friends. Not only is Veebs coming here to MN, but there are about 10 or so other women from all over the COUNTRY that are coming to MN that same weekend, and along with the MN mommies on the message board, we are having a 3 day "Get Together" here. I am so excited, not only to have the friends here, but most of us have never MET IN PERSON. And they are all my prayer warriors, so meeting them is going to be a very emotional time for me.
Especially.......................since Mooshie informed me on FRIDAY that she has booked HER ticket, and her and Maddie are returning for the visit as well! OMG! *tears*. Now my Mooshegg Angel will be here again, and Chris was beyond excited to hear that his pal, Maddie, will be back to call him "Un-ca". Ahh, this summer has been so full of love and emotions and although it is flying by faster than I can blink, I am so happy to have had the experiences I've had so far and will have. I just cannot believe it will be August in a few days! Wowsa.

Here are some pics of precious Scarlett, isn't she a beauty, too? I'm so excited to see her again. When I visited, she was around 9 months and in the major babbling stage. Now, she's starting to toddle around and is repeating words, like in this dropshot video clip!
Hee hee..
this was a personal message to me from Scarlett the day of my BFP!
I am so excited to see her and Maddie together in my house, and CJ is very excited to be able to put up his baby gate again, he is so proud that he picked it out and installed it. LOL . That is my giddy love man. He is so cute with the PG. He is already kissing my belly, patting it, and putting his head on it at night when he tucks me in *yes he tucks me in*.

This is a picture of Scarlett with her Birthday present
from her Auntie Soupie -- gee, a doggie?? LOL. I'm training her young and hopefully she'll be a fan of Treble & Sage, and not in tears the entire visit *crossing fingers*

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