Friday, July 28, 2006

Babydust and baby gifts

I guess this really worked! On Moosh and Maddie's last night here in MN, we ate at our good friend (another online board member/friend) Missy's house. Her and her awesome hubby, Mike, BBQed for Moosh and I, and of course, we ladies took pics. Well, we got a little silly and in this picture, Moosh was "waving" all of Missy's PG belly "babydust" my way, so that the embies will/would stick! I guess that night was magical and the babydust DID float my way! YAY!.

The mail lady just left us a package on our doorstep. I walked outside to get it, and she pointed at it sitting on my stoop. I picked it up, and she said "Oh, I bet your dogs (barking like mad dogs) are Coco and Bongo?". I looked at the package, and it was addressed to Chris and I , as well as Coco, Bongo, and Finn. LOL. I said, "no, actually I just got PG from IVF and that is what we named my embryos". She was speechless! Oh my goodness, it was SO funny to see her face. She then said, "well, wow, congratulations!". But she was probably like, "what the hell?". *giggle*. See, the thing about me is, I'm not shy, embarrassed or ashamed of what we've went through and if its not politically correct to say, "Oh , I just got PG due to IVF", I say screw it, because I'll be telling you all about it. LOL.

A friend of mine online and in CA, who is ALSO a huge dog lover (she has 3 doggies herself), she sent this to us, so this is officially our first "congratulatory" baby gift. Oh my goodness. I already have some doggie baby stuff put away, so I sure as hell hope my baby(ies) like doggies! LOL. I am so touched and actually cried a little opening this, I'm just overwhelmed and simply amazed at the generosity in people, its just unreal. Unreal, and much appreciated, and wow, the love. You can feel it. This baby is so loved already. Wow.


Laura said...

LOL at the newscarrier... that dogger stuff is SO cute! :)

Laura said...

Oh and I just *love* the baby dust picture! It worked, it worked!


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