Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh My Goodness

OMG. Tonight, Mooshie came upstairs with her video camera, to video tape Maddie with us, or so I assumed. Imagine my surprise when she gave me a gift bag full of cards and 3 checks with $$ totaling almost $2000 from the girls on our message board. OMG. Can you say overwhelmed? Can you say love struck? Can you say speechless? I immediately teared up and realized she had the video camera on me. I hate when I cry and I hate crying in front of people, and I hate trying to TALK when I'm. But OMG. Speechless.

The generosity of the girls on our message board goes above and beyond any other friends I"ve ever had, in real life. The friends on this board have been through all my ups and downs, and even though on this board, most of them have no idea what Chris and I are going through, they are always there to cheer me up -- through emails, cards, and phone calls. *sitting here in tears again* Oye.

People just don't get what there 'is' to an online community. But without this online community, I would have never met Mooshie -- who would've never offered to be my egg donor. Without Mooshie who knows where we would have gone. We would have never had the blessing of knowing her and knowing precious little Maddie, the little cutie who is now flirting with my hubby after her bathtime. We would have never had the TREMENDOUS outpouring of love, support, PRAYERS, and now $$ gift to go towards another attempt at this if this one fails. (and I would have never had the friends in real life here in MN that I do now, who continue to be my rocks and stones through all my ups and down, as well).

I'm still speechless and flabbergasted. I pray thanks to God for leading me down this path. This is truly amazing. This has to work, there are just too many factors leading us to positive things. Oprah, you have got to see and hear about this. LOL


Laura said...

How cool!! :)

Jennifer Prince said...

So amazing!!

littleangelkisses said...

Carrie, we all are blessed by being a part of this wonderful thing. You know how I feel about online groups. I wouldn't have made it through things without it. We all love you!


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