Monday, July 31, 2006

Confirmation Ultrasound scheduled

It will be Monday, August 14 at 10:00 AM. That is the AM that Veebs and Moosh (and Scarlett and Maddie for that matter) will be leaving to fly home on a jet plane (hopefully they'll be back again).

I'm nervous. Petrified. Chris actually is MORE nervous now because this will mean it is real. I watched a VERY cool ultrasound 12 week check up today (dropshot of it) on my message board, and it is unreal to watch. I was in tears of awe watching this little 12 week old "peach" jumping around inside his/her mama's belly and the little feet just killed my heart. Chris got REALLY nervous when I showed him the dropshot, hee hee. He is so excited. I just want to make sure I keep feeling the twinges and slight cramps, as well as some of the "sick to my stomach" feelings I've been feeling that make me "feel" PG. I'm a nervous mess that this may not last. I have Reiki tomorrow AM, so hopefully her advice and Reiki on me will be magical!

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