Sunday, June 25, 2006

3 Jinxings in a row?

Lord: have mercy.

CJ and I were on our way home from church today, when we decided to stop at Home Depot to look for baby gates, because when Mooshie and Maddie come for the ER/ET (*Egg Retrieval/Embryo Tranfer*) in July, we'll need a gate at the top of our many staircases. When they visited in April, Maddie did one head-over-heels tumble and we don't need any ER visits on top of our Fertility clinics that week. I'm also having a friend and her (then) 14 month old visit in August, so what better time to get baby gates?

Home Depot had crap to select from, so we swung by Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot on the spur of the moment. I say "Lord, Have Mercy" because wandering through the baby furniture, I could barely contain my glee. The choices, the selection, uggg, the bedding (my heart, my heart) -- I refrained from looking too much at anything. What made my heart sing with joy was when CJ was checking out cribs and commenting on what he liked and didn't like. We didn't find any gates we liked there so we'll be ordering the one we saw online - its wood and more "classy" looking. When we got by the strollers, CJ pointed out a few he liked and I told him I'd found one I liked -- when I told him the price, he said sarcastically, "Oh I'm SURE it's expensive", obviously insinuating I have higher priced taste. But I told him I'm only planning on buying things of QUALITY for Coco and Bongo, and he said he agrees, we'll be doing our research when the time comes.

YAY! We're off to visit Abby and Mason, Mason requested "Treble" on the phone with uncle this AM. So we're off.

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