Wednesday, June 14, 2006

there's a needle in my bum, in my bum

We did it tonight. Shot the Depo-Lupron in my bum. Ahh, the ice pack: how I've missed thee (not). Dr. CJ primed the pre-packaged needle (no fun for him, my Mister mixer-fan-man ) and after a sufficient amount of icing, he plunged it in my ass. I didn't feel too much, thank goodness. I hope my ovaries shut down nice and quiet, for about 10 more months or so.

Ahhh, Coco and Bongo....I hope you realize how much your future mommy and daddy (God willing) are going through to get you!

Coco and Bongo are our "future" kids - the twins. Yep, we like to talk about the twins. Because we'll hopefully have good eggies from Mooshie, and along w/the ICSI (sperm injection) , good embryos, and my body will be so accepting, that both embryos will stick and we'll have the Soupie twins. *positive thoughts*

Coco and Bongo were so named, after a Cancun trip last Fall. The club was rockin', and we went home talking about Coco and Bongo, and hell, who wouldn't wanna name their twins Coco & Bongo? The best part about our future twins is the looks my mom gets when she talks about Coco & Bongo, her future grandkids. It's not enough people think her and my dad are crazy for having their "Ask me about my granddogs" sweatshirts *(and can whip out photos of the infamous Tboy & Sasser)*, but now they gotta talk about their hypothetical future POSSIBLE grandkids, who are named after a hoppin' Cancun BAR!


Emilie said...

Coco and Bongo ... cute! I had to have my first butt shot a couple of weeks ago, Carrie -- it's because my blood type is RH negative and could hurt me or the baby if our blood mixes together, or something like that. I was SO SCARED. A nurse did it at the doctor's office. It wasn't so bad, but it did burn, and

So, long way of saying -- good job, good luck, and I hope Coco and Bongo will be forever grateful for all you've gone through!

Emilie said...

Oops ... I meant to say at the end of the first graf: it did burn, and I was sore for a while afterward.

missy said...

Did I ever tell you your my hero...

Girl you continue to jump threw hoops to meet the next love of your life... Your drive, dedication, & committment continues to inspire me... You know I'm behind you ALL THE WAY!!!


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