Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jinx! (so can I talk or will I turn into a witch?)

I met my good friend Allison for lunch today, minus her gorgeous 8 month old Jackson....Mister blue-eyed happy boy. She was in need of some girl time, so we met for lunch at the Good Earth in Edina (yum, good stuff, and I also was able to stock up on some more raspberry red tea). I met Allison online on another MSN private message board, a TTC board that some girls I know spun off, for those of us having issues TTC. Because of Allison, I did my IUI's #'s 3, 4, and 5 with her OB's office, since they do IUI's. Dr. H was great, and his nurse practioners that we dealt with were fabulous. Ironically, Allison is one of 3 girls that I had an IUI the same exact day as -- and she is one of 3 girls that got PG and I didn't. We each had our IUI's in January, 2005, and she got PG, I didn't. What a gorgeous child Jackson is, thank goodness I don't hold grudges! LOL.

Allison's friend works for Pottery Barn and was able to get her, for cost, the adorable blue doggie critter chair from the Farmyard Friend's nursery collection, which she then passed on to me. This is Jinx #1 for me. Buying a damn doggie critter chair for a child. I've held off for YEARS on buying anything remotely baby and nursery related, so as not to jinx myself (as well as I know my taste for things can change frequently). But how could I not get this gorgeous, soft-as-butter doggie?? If anything, I hope and pray my kids someday love dogs/animals as much as I do (watch, they'll be so sick of doggies being shoved down their throats, they'll be anti-animal kids). Also somewhat I find sort of ironic, is the fact that the child in the picture looks almost EXACTLY like my egg donor's daughter, Maddie! *twilight zone music*.

After lunch today, with bellies engorged, and gum-snappin', we browsed the shops at the overly expensive Galleria mall, and wandered into the Pottery Barn Kids. We oohed and ahhed over the adorable items and they had my Farmyard Critter blue doggie BIBS for clearance. How could I NOT get one, or two? Because bibs do get dirty, and having two is a good idea. LOL So Jinx #2 occurred today, I bought myself two of the blue doggie bibs and one of the pink piggie (also in the pic). *sigh* Now I'm hoping and praying that Coco and Bongo decide to make an appearance in the Spring of 2007, and not embarrass their foolish mama-to-be.

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Laura said...

I bought a stroller of Ebay before my BFP!! I got a million things just b/c I was so crazy. LOL

Don't worry... it's not a jinx!!


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