Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Choose? Why Now?

A quick WHY I do what I do. I started using Shaklee's products 3 years ago. I started with one product, which gradually turned into 2 -3 products, which then made me realize I knew SO many people WHO COULD benefit from the healthy effects ALL their products have to offer. They are unlike any ohter company in the market; they were the "first" multivitamin, the only company that NASA went to for "Astro Ade"; the only company that will send you back research backed by science of HOW their products work. Their stringent testing policies are so tough, I'm assured that nothing toxic will enter any of the products I use. Our "junk" pile is used by other companies.  I could go on and on. But I will share this video of a mom who uses Shaklee, and decided to also Share it with others, like I do.
This month alone, you could make $1255 in bonus money, just by signing up with our $599 pack and then signing up 3 more people at the same level. That is a HUGE profit right off the bat, and I have a team that will hold your hand and help you at every step.  Plus, you get almost a $1000 in Shaklee products, your own personal website for 6 months, and your own discount and training.  It's an amazing feeling to hear someone tell you: "you know what, your products really DO make a difference!"
Check out the special that was extended into March!!!!! You can't go wrong- any purchase that comes to 50PV or more, and you get automatic free membership + a free canister of our 180 Cafe Latte!! That's a heck of a value right off the bat!

And WHAT does 50PV look like??

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