Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tacos that are incredible (and Gluten-Free!)

More to come in the details, but we had to recently (October, 2013) go Gluten-Free with K2, for digestive reasons.  It all had been brewing, but once we went Gluten-free, the issues we were dealing with pretty-much (almost!) disappeared. Unbelievable - it only took 3 days for things to improve. For that reason, I'm constantly scouring the internet for Gluten-Free recipes and asking my GF friends just WHERE to find things, or WHAT they themselves are eating, etc.

Of course, kids being kids, all Kyla wants to ever eat is: toast, spaghetti, strawberries, toast, and more toast. Ugh.  This kid! LOL.  I bribe her to take bites of meals I make, to at least try them, but she has a limited palate.  Ugh again. Thank God she takes her vitamins and she hasn't  been sick all year (knock on wood) except for a day of fever at one point. Her limited diet is a sure case for illness, otherwise! 
 At some point, I stumbled across a blog called As Good As Gluten.   It's a blog I check back on, occasionally, to see if anything peaks my interest  When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it! I'm no chef, let alone even a good cook, but since I had yesterday off, I decided to get to it, and get this recipe in the books. 
Chipotle Pork Tenderloin and Butternut Squash Tacos
Yep, copied the pictures of this finished product, because mine are sloppy and dripping juice!
Because I'm slow at cooking and prepping, it took me awhile to make and of course, the pictures of this delish recipe don't look anything like the tacos I put out. LOL. However, the taste is truly incredible!  Even Keifer gobbled 2 of them up (hard shells!).  
So if you are looking for a good, new, alternative to tacos and need gluten-free, give this a whirl! You won't be sorry!


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