Wednesday, February 05, 2014

BB and our sing along adventure!

Once again, life continues (does it ever stop?) to be a continuous blur for our family. Of course, the time to take the pictures I've taken, upload them and blog about them is nil, so I'm quickly posting these.
Sunday, we had a fantastic day!
We found a zulily voucher for 1/2 off the Build-A-Bear experience, so both CJ and I purchased them for the girls' "Valentine's Gift"from mom and dad.
They were stoked, to say the least! LOTS of squeals and giggles and talk about "if you don't, you won't get to go to Build-a-Bear!"

So Sunday morning, we packed them up and hit the MOA.
We got to the shop and both girls wasted no time in picking out what they wanted to "stuff".
Then, they picked out a heart for the inside of their animal, and here they are, listening to the girl put them through the motions of "waking up" their hearts.
They had to rub them on their hearts, their eyes, their ears, jump up and down 3 times (to give them heart a heart beat, you know), etc. It was so fun to listen to them giggle.
They then stuffed their bears (and Keifer got a "cotton candy" smelly thing inside hers).
And we had 2 very happy girls, who haven't let go of their bear/rabbits YET!
Here, Kyla greets her stuffed bear, and names her Rosalina!
Keifer with Chelsey! She even picked out the spelling of her name!
 Afterwards, we met some friends of ours for the Frozen movie Sing A Long! OMG! Who was more excited, mom or the girls? Probably me. Yep. Here is S. and my girls, prior to the movie. Lots of debates at the theater about WHO was going to sit by who, with S.'s little brother not being happy he couldn't sit by Keifer! LOL. It was so much better for me the 2nd time around, and I sang along with all the songs, too! So magical and the true love between sisters? Well, I had tears when the entire theater (and the girls on either side of me) broke out in diva behavior with the singing, as it was so SWEET! And of course, tears at the end, when the sisters are embracing. HERE is a hilarious recap that I liken myself to!

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