Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Picture: Hey, Four Eyes! (but not for real)

Our girl is in 1st grade, the age when MANY kids start showing the need for things like glasses. Don't think K1 has not picked up on that! Oh, boy. She wants glasses. When H at school got glasses, suddenly, Keifer's eyes have really been hurting and tired!
I finally got her an eye doctor appt. and then, Monday, we went.

And her eyes are FINE. Possibly a tich far-sighted, but that is good according to the eye doctor, because our eyes are always changing and growing and children's eyes are not fully developed.
She sobbed in the afterwards. SHE NEEDED glasses, though! (hmmmmm).
So I took her Monday night to Claire's and she picked out these pretend frames (with no prescription).
Tuesday AM, after chatting excitedly with Daddy all AM, she was getting ready to leave. But left her glasses on the floor. Dad stepped on them. Crunch. Wail.
Daddy dear went last night and bought the same pair again. For her. She is thrilled!

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Queen Bee said...

Have you read Glasses for D.W. by Marc Brown? Great book that the boys loved, and it made be think of K1. :)


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