Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ahoy, Matey....Princess?

Last month, I took the girls to the Jake and Sofia Disney Jr Live show in St Paul- to say we were ALL excited is an understatement! I purchased tickets last Spring, and we had 4th row!

K2 had two costumes to wear: First up, was Sofia the First, as she has loved her from the minute she laid eyes on her. She looked adorable in her dress, and thanks to Keifer's overpriced cotton candy, K2 also got a tiara to wear! (came in handy on Halloween, as well!)
My phone pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea that we were OH SO excited!  K1 used her own $$ to buy cotton candy, and Kyla used hers to buy that overpriced Sofia cup with shaved ice in it (which ended up half on the floor).
I bought some popcorn and we were set!
We were ALL tickled pink when Sofia came out dancing and singing! I, of course, got tears in my eyes watching Kyla's eyes light up!!!!!!

Next, it was intermission and time for JAKE and his Neverland friends to chase that Hook and save the treasure (or something like that!) Kyla did a costume change, and the people around us were laughing and clapping for our little "Izzy"!!  This was her costume from Halloween last year!  What a ball we had putting this on!! And, the best parts? Two of the female "extra" pirates from the show came through the audience and Kyla got some great pics with them, and our neighbors were there watching the show, as well! Kayla is the same age as Kyla and her and her mom Jenni came on down to visit us. What fun we had again!

 Can you tell Keifer is a little Pirate? What a ham this girl is! LOL
Once the lights dimmed, it was time for some rocking and rolling! I LOVED the music and it was SO fun to watch the escapades on stage!
I think the best part for ME, as mom, was when Peter Pan came flying in.....Kyla gasped audibly, put her little hands over her mouth, and said, "OH MY GOD! It's the REAL PETER PAN!"
I about peed my pants laughing at her (and tears again, springing from my eyes, at her pure joy!)

So yeah, we are huge fans of Disney, can you tell!?  Hope you are able to do something as fun as we did with your own kiddos!!!  And yes, I AM that dorky mom who gets all excited about things like this! What memories we have now!

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