Thursday, November 21, 2013

Losing my .....HAIR? Is this you? Tips on this!

I'm not sure about YOU, but I've never been blessed with long, thick locks of hair. Maybe you were, but find yourself losing more hair as you age. Or, you've had children and your hair was once thick and luxurious while PG, but now, you cry when you shower, in fear of losing your gorgeous locks?

Well, I wasn't blessed with the thick hair, and I've always been jealous of thick hair, and when I was PG with both my girls, one of the few perks that came along with that was my HAIR was so much thicker and delightful to work with!
Alas, the babies came out, and so did my 
HAIR!  I find I almost have a receding hair line (thanks, Dad? since my brother got the same hair line, but he lucked out and also inherited my dad's thick mane of hair ~~ grrr!)  

Part of the reason I became a Distributor for Shaklee was the nutrition I could TELL was really, truly working in my body. Not only did my energy increase by tenfold when I started the Vitalizer, but my hair and nails eventually followed suit. You see, just taking this vitamin for a MONTH didn't magically help/solve all my health problems, just like sickness and breakage in your system doesn't happen overnight. It takes TIME. Time to BUILD UP and I'm oh-so-happy I invest in these products I'm' about to share with you-because PEOPLE: they!!!!!!!    

My nails grow like gangbusters, and according to one of my stylist friends, yes, the Vitalizer also has Biotin in it, which is essential for STRONG HAIR!  NO WONDER I've seen such dramatic improvements this past year!

The following is a TRUE story shared with me and others for the purpose of HELPING OTHERS!  The true meaning behind Shaklee and it's 58 year old company is "sharing": sharing the options of HEALTH with others, because true health and beauty come from a stable base of nutrition.  Without that, you are liable to fall apart (hair included!)

So here is the story a fellow Distributor shared, with the intent to help YOU: If you have any questions further related to this, please comment or email me and I'll try to get in touch with someone who can provide the answer.    Read away:

HAIR LOSS: Hair loss is caused by a hormone imbalance, heredity, aging, or seasonal shedding. We shed hair in fall & spring just like the animals (we're animals) shed their coats, then new hair grows in. Actual hair loss will slow down or even stop when the hormones are balanced. Heredity and aging cannot be stopped, only slowed.

I am a stylist, salon owner, certified Hair Loss Specialist and have been in the beauty industry since 1987. I found this solution through many experiments, extensive training and research. Before finding Shaklee, I recommended another company's supplements and hair loss products. They were okay, but Shaklee has produced the very BEST results. That's why I am now a Shaklee Distributor.

The Thyroid regulates all hormones. Stress is the most often culprit of hormone imbalance, followed by poor nutrition. In order to slow and/or stop hair loss (except seasonal) the only thing I have found that works is: Vitalizer + Stress Relief Complex + GLA or Menopause Complex + Prosante System (the whole system: NOT just shampoo or just the scalp treatment) used daily as recommended on the label.

Exercise and brushing the hair thoroughly each day will increase circulation and make hair grow faster. Protein (180 or ESP ; Energizing Soy Protein) & Biotin (in Vitalizer) taken daily will strengthen weak hair that is prone to breakage, nothing more. Biotin MUST be combined with Folic Acid & Niacin in order to work (all in Vitalizer).       And FYI - a Vitalizer purchase also entails you to FREE MEMBERSHIP at any time with Shaklee, to gain access to the member pricing.

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