Monday, November 18, 2013

She likes hard math!!!

More pics to share of Keifer dressed up last week for her "50's Day Sock Hop" in honor of the 50th day of school to come soon.....but that week, she also had an assignment to create a musical instrument at home, out of household items. 

The girl took this task to heart and literally used what she could find. Boxes, dixie cups, duct tape, and then.....she decorated the sides of the box (excuse me, drum) with her own made-up signs!

And ......she delighted me with her "I LIKE HARD MATH" - YAY for a girl that loves to do Math!!

Kick it, Keifer girl!

Pencils as the drum sticks!
She had to mention her teacher, Ms. Wulf

I didn't show you the other side, which was strictly just polka dots, because her teacher "Loves polka dots!"  What a sweetie pie, my girl is/was!
SO SORRY for the quality of the pictures-my phone sometimes has clarity and other times, not so much. 

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