Monday, November 18, 2013

Congrats to a Blog Mama!

Many Many MANY congrats to Jeni over at A Little Piece of Perfect! She had her third baby - a GIRL this time (squeal) a few weeks ago, and I will tell you, I AM JEALOUS! LOL

I started reading and following Jeni way back in the day- I honestly don't know when or how I found her- but her two sons are exactly the same age as K1 and K2, and I love reading abou their adventures and development.  Two boys are different than two girls, but man, there ARE many similarities in raising kids!

Go and wish her a congrats if you so feel compelled!

I am so jealous of a third baby- unlucky because THIS baby shop is done- have I mentioned I'm pre-menopausal for 2 years now? Not unheard of, as I needed Donor Eggs.......but it does still sting to see newborns and read about births.

However, I digress.......

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