Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Fest, 2013 (Kyla's Preschool Party!)

Kyla LOVES going to preschool!
She loved it last year, with my friend Ms. Jeni in the district I work in.
 This year, we are attending our school district's preschool program, and taking advantage of the before and after class "daycare" option they have. It's in a classroom, and they are fully staffed and Kyla ADORES it! Talk about a social girl! She talks so animatedly after I pick her up, and during the first month or so, she passed out cold, sleeping, within minutes! LOL
We are so lucky to be able to let our girl attend these programs!

A few weeks back, she was the "star of the week", and she's still trying to use this card to be able to do special things around the house! Ha!
A few weeks ago, the class had a "Turkey Fest" instead of Halloween or Harvest party.  Kyla was so excited when I arrived; she giggled for about 10 minutes straight and when all the parents got to dance with their children to "Mother Gooney Bird", I thought she would fall over with the laughs!
We had a good time, circling stations and playing and reading together, and I got to know one of her girlfriends (or, as she calls them, "one of my girls") when we made a turkey centerpiece and colored on the easel. 
Mmm, Pumpkin Pie smelling Playdoh!

The teacher had a movie of pictures with each child holding up what THEY would say to their mom or dad if they could thank them for anything:
Kyla? She chose "balloons".  *scratching my head, unsure where that came from, but um, OK!*

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Denise said...

Looking at her picture, she definitely enjoyed a lot with the activity. She is such an adorable kid.


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